The Dr. Juchheim Method

The Dr. Juchheim Method is a synthesis between natural active ingredients and state-of-the-art high tech science. These components are exactly balanced to each other and are processed in own methods. The result: visible instant effects, combined with impressive longterm impact. The best thing about it is that these impacts can be achieved from home without any extensive or professional cosmetic assistance.

There must come together several puzzle parts, before something will have an embracing impact.

This conviction is the base of the science and the complete product range of Dr. Juchheim. During his more than 30 years of experience the well-known doctor has always placed emphasis on the connection between the actual technology and traditional art of healing from far countries. So he has been using the traditional Indian Ayurveda teachings for a long time already before it got common in the Western world. During his extensive journeys through India, Asia and Africa he studied the fascinating effect of foreign medical plants and started extended research.

Besides the work about medical and caring methods the current status in science and research was alwasy included into the developments.

Dr. Jürgen Juchheim sees his work holistic: The active ingredients of the effect cosmetic which carries his name, need to be well attuned just like instruments in an orchestra in order to be effective at the best. Already slight changes of the concentrations can lead to different effects. Who sees the effect with one’s very eyes, will really believe that here the border between science and art is exceeded.

The discovery of the “3D effect”

A big advance in the cosmetic field was the common insight that vegetable actives with lipophile parts enter deeper into the skin and become effective there.

Based on this knowledge Dr. Juchheim one day had the brilliant idea to combine these „sluicing factors“ with activating and circulation-enhancing actives. He was bursting to put it into practice and test this idea in his laboratory. Could really an multiplied effect of cosmetics be reached with this?

Today he implements this „3D effect“ into the anti cellulite cream ByeBye Cellulite®. Even from the very first application cellulite will be visibly reduced. After 4 weeks a reduction in circumference of the thighs of up to 4 cm could be measured. The female test persons are deeply impressed and are happy about the beautiful and visibly improved apperance of their skin.

This groundbreaking discovery of the 3D effect is the base of a worldwide unique, new cosmetic, the effect cosmetic by Dr. Jürgen Juchheim.


The guggul tree (Commiphore mukul)

The westindian guggul tree (Indian myrrh) has been considered for thousands of years as medical plant in the Ayurveda . The resin of the guggul tree is used in Ayurveda mainly for lipometabolic disorders. The western medicine meanwhile has approved the cholesterol-lowering effect of the resin. The main active substances are steroids, so called guggulsteron.

Within the effect cosmetic, the active ingredients of the guggul resin care for smoother skin, more voluminous and beautiful and is in the position to care for a more beautiful décolleté with more resilience.



Stem cells

Human stem cells are located in the epidermis where they produce new, fresh skin cells and care for the permanent regeneration of the skin. With age the dermal stem cells become weak. To get them fi again, specially cultured vegetable stem cells are transported to the skin stem cells. For the fatigued skin cells this feels like a wake-up call, because just in the moment when the vegetable stem cells docks to the skin stem cell, it will be revived and restarts with the cell renewal.

In this way, the skin can regenerate – arising from the stem cells – and the teint will look fresher and smoother for a longer time. The signs of skin aging are decelerated.



Peptides appear naturally within the skin and body, consisting of a linkage of several amino acids (basic building block of endogeneous protein). There are many various peptides with quite different functions. As with the effect cosmetic, peptides can firm the skin, boost the collagen and elastin synthesis and cell renewal as well as activate regeneration of the skin.

For Dr. Juchheim peptides are subject of intense research. E.g. it turned out from examinations that particular peptide combinations have anti-oxidant effect, smoothen wrinkles and let the skin appear fresher and younger. In the effect cosmetics, peptides room large and contribute significantly to the impressive effect of the Dr. Juchheim method.