The Dr. Juchheim Story

Dr. med. Jürgen Juchheim is a doctor with own practice in the center of Munich for more than 30 years. His emphasis as medical specialist in the field of esthetic medicine as well as regenerating medicine and immunolgy are not a contradiction to him. This expresses his conviction that beauty with inner well-being and balance have to be combined. Only then people are attractive and beautiful, independent from age and life circumstances.

The improvement of a good look is significantly involved in stabilizing the inner balance. A beautiful, smart appearance strengthens self confidence, increases charisma and attractivity. This holistic interplay of in- and outside and to live in harmony with yourself, determines Dr. Juchheim’s work for more than 30 years.

In his practice rooms he has been helping prominent and wealthy people achieving better health and look for a long time already. Doing so, he often was asked which cosmetic products could support the success of the treatment. As nothing comparable could be found in the market, he developed his vision to create cosmetics based on natural and modern high tech ingredients with better, instantly visible and at the same time long lasting effect. This was the birth of the effect cosmetics.

From his experience with modern active ingredients as well as with esthetic medicine and traditional cures from exotic countries, he was developing the Dr. Juchheim-method (effect cosmetics) over many years. Today, he offers to all people the possibility to improve their appearance simple, time saving and cost effective and to increase the inner well-being, charisma and attractivity.

Dr. Juchheim uses his effect cosmetics for himself, and this is what you can see.

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