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Silver Firming Serum

Silver Firming serum includes the central, award-winning active ingredient Neodermyl, which is the only one available in the market containing...
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Organic Pearl of Sea Day Cream

Gained from the sea, light as a souffle, but extremely rich, the luxurious Organic Pearl of Sea Day Cream enfolds...
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Instant Lifting Eye Cream

The Instant Lift Eye Cream can provide an immediately visible smooth and shining eye part. Helps reduce wrinkles, eye rings,...
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3 D Bodylift

The collagen and elastic fibres are the key to a beautiful and firm skin. Already starting from the age of...
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Lipo Sculp

The power effect is created by highly concentrated plant extracts and circulation-promoting raw materials. The interaction of these active substances...
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Combinations of active ingredients which can improve cellulite quickly and enduring with a 6-step-process. Important steps are step 4 and...
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