This phenomenal powerpack contains highly efficient active ingredients in a particular combination and unfolds its effect in a 6-step-process.

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Name ByeByeCellulite 200ml
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Combinations of active ingredients which can improve cellulite quickly and enduring with a 6-step-process. Important steps are step 4 and 5. Here the fat burning and shrinking of the expanded fat cells takes place. After 1 week the initial reddening and feeling of warmth will reduce – a sign that the fat burning is now at full blast.

By shrinking of the fat depots the protrusions and pockets are visibly evened and the appearance of cellulite permanently alleviated.

ByeByeCellulite contains unique, plant-based raw materials with a 6-fold action plan:

Visible increase in blood circulation (reddening of the skin).
Sensible heat development.
Improvement of care.
Smoothing the skin.
Strengthening the skin structure.
Harmonization of skin complexion.

Content: 200 ml/6.76fl.oz.

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