Welcome Hair Man

Bring hair to life.

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Name Welcome Hair Man 100 ml
Price €145.00 (incl. 19% VAT) plus Shipping


Welcome Hair Man is an innovative herbal based special care serum that offers an innovative approach when it comes to hair. The serum contains a plant saponin polyphenol complex with 8-fold active ingredients. The power serum can energize the hair, stimulate hair growth, prevent hair loss and provide fuller hair.

The highly effective substances of plant origin promote and support natural hair growth, protect the hair follicles and can bring hair to life.

Welcome Hair Man was developed for the preventive treatment of hereditary and stress related hair loss. It is not suitable for use in case of illness-related hair loss.

Spoil your hair with this well-being experience on a natural basis. Experience the wonder of new and fuller hair!

For use on grey hair we recommend Welcome Hair Man Gray Hair.