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Bio Balance Nutricreme

Bio Balance Nutricreme is a rich 24 hour day&night care for dry and stressed skin. This modern luxury care on a pure biologic base provides your skin with essential vitamins and trace elements...
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Welcome Hair Man

Welcome Hair Man is an innovative herbal based special care serum that offers an innovative approach when it comes to hair. The serum contains a plant saponin polyphenol complex with 8-fold active ingredients....
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Silver Firming Serum

Silver Firming serum includes the central, award-winning active ingredient Neodermyl, which is the only one available in the market containing a molecule reactivating the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin. With...
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Organic Pearl of Sea Day Cream

Gained from the sea, light as a souffle, but extremely rich, the luxurious Organic Pearl of Sea Day Cream enfolds its power to protect your skin during the day and to renew it...
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Organic Pearl of Sea Night Cream

This extremly rich luxurious night cream on natural basis enfolds its power during the night. It neutrales the strains of the day and regenerates and transforms the skin in a visible and perceptible...
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Spresso sirt -active Coffee-Caps

1 Packung enthält 10 Portionen. Dies reicht für 10 Tage. 1 Bio-Kapsel pro Tag ist die empfohlene Dosis. Koffein und Chlorogensäure aus grünem Kaffee, Bioflavonoide aus Bitterorange und Garcinia cambogia sind die Inhaltsstoffe...
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