Serum 4 Eyes

Turbo effect for radiantly beautiful eyes – against puffiness, eye shadows, lines

Product Info

Name Serum 4 Eyes 15 ml
Price € 89.00


The fascination of your eyes, maintaining the youthful shine, was the motivation for the development of this power serum. Your eyes are affected first from the signs of time – a dull, tired look makes attractivity and charisma disappear.

The serum contains highest concentration of effective peptides of the latest generation, which are extremely powerful and soft at the same time. They nourish your sensitive eye area and regain a younger look. 15 firming, smoothing, tightening and relaxing peptides are included in this crowning luxury serum, unsurpassed in the field of yourful, radiant eyes.

Lavish your eye area with this first-class, luxurious lifting serum of a special kind.